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A New Partnership between UNFPA and the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination was signed, which aims to further increase the capacity, understanding and knowledge of Champion Companies and the Women's Economic Chamber on the responsibilities and obligations of private businesses to implement the Anti-Discrimination Law and enable family-friendly, gender responsive and non-discriminatory work environments.

In line with its mission to promote health, address population challenges and gender equality, UNFPA in Albania seeks to promote the creation of enabling work environments where all women and men have the opportunity to realize their needs and desires to create families and to give birth to as many children as they wish, while pursuing their personal and social careers and goals.

Together with the partnerships already established with six champion companies of the private sector and the Women's Economic Chamber, we add to this group of allies a very important key supervisory institution of human rights monitoring and observance, which enables solid and continuous intervention in this area.

The signing ceremony was greeted by the Ambassador of Austria in Albania in the presence of representatives of champion companies, collaborators, media and other actors and activists in the field.

This partnership is part of the regional project "More Choices: Gender Responsive Family Policies for the Private Sector in the Western Balkans and Moldova", managed by the UNFPA EECA regional office with financial support by the Austrian Development Agency.