Pap test info sessions with women from Roma communities
25 January, 2022, Tirana - Cervical Cancer Awareness week. UNFPA in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and in partnership with the World Health Organization in Albania closed the European Cervical Cancer Awareness activities in a workshop of gynecologists and experts of Primary Health Care Service and university hospitals, who discussed the progress and ch...
My body is my own! Young people in Albania give strong messages through their artwork
On the International Human Rights Day, we successfully concluded the campaign "My body is my own", conceptualized like a traveling exhibition with artworks in photography and illustration, by 20 passionate young people,...
UNFPA and UN Women launched the campaign "My body is my own", which comes to Albania as a new art initiative aiming to raise awareness on bodily autonomy, gender equality, gender-based violence and antidiscrimination. T...

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