Ensuring rights and choices for all


12 April 2019

Keeping progress moving forward for women and girls in Albania

BERAT, Albania — Tefta Shakaj always wanted to study at university to become a doctor, but that was not an option for her in Albania when she was a teenager. “We were obliged to do what we were told,” she says. After completing secondary school, however, she did get an opportunity that changed the course of her life: a one-year

10 April 2019

Revolution of Choice

Three decades, roughly a generation, after the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia emerged from the collapse of Communism and embarked on the path to market economy and democracy, the region is now in the middle of a new and different kind of revolution. It is what I would call a revolution of choice. Choice happens

6 April 2019

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

The National Albanian Olympic Committee and UNFPA Albania have partnered to use sport as a tool for social change and engage young people in joint activities aiming at information sharing, promotion of healthy lifestyles and entertainment. Both organizations have used sport events such as the Week of the Olympic Games or the


The Second Albania Demographic and Health Survey 2017-2018 provides data on demographic...
Early or child marriage is the union, whether official or not, of two persons, at least...

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