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A key component of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) is commitment to ensure that no one lags behind in the development processes. UN for All is a United Nations program aimed at training and sharing information on UN staff and their workplace behavior related to HIV. This new training program entitled "UN for All: Dignity and Access to the UN Workplace" aims to help build the capacity of UN personnel to understand the issues faced by marginalized communities. The purpose of the training is to build a more inclusive system within the UN to ensure dignity and well-being of staff and family members, and focus on issues of human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, mental  health and substance use.

This training program is being developed in all UN offices around the world and is open to all UN personnel in all positions or categories of work. All UN offices in the region have completed this training.

While in Albania, the United Nations for All programme took place from February 26 to March 1, 2018. There were 4 (four) days of intensive, carefully planned training each day with the participation of 25 UN employees each day, ranging from agency executives and program staff to administration employees and support sectors from UN organizations operating in Albania: UNFPA, FAO, ILO, IOM, UN Women, UNDP, UNDSS, UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO and Office of the Permanent UN Coordinator.

About 100 UN employees were trained in two modules of the program "UN cares - UN for all" titled "Dignity and inclusion in the UN workplace" in Tirana, Albania. Covered topics were: 1) Human Rights for All (covering four different topics: sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, substance use and mental health); and 2) Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Inclusion of LGBTI Persons at the UN Workplace. Based on the evaluation of the participants after the training, most of them found the training very useful and the topics very important.

Training sessions for UN staff in Albania were organized and co-chaired by Mr. Rahim Saatov, UN Focal Point for the Eastern European and Central Asia region; Ms. Dorina Tocaj - UNFPA Albania, Program Analyst on Sexual and Reproductive Health Program of UNFPA Albania; and the Focal Point of UNAIDS Albania, Ms. Bujana Hoti, with the highly valued support of the UN Permanent Coordinator in Albania, Mr. Brian J. Williams.