Strengthening and expanding “Youth Voice” network activities in Shkodër municipality

No. of pages: 8

Publication date: 20 December 2017

Author: "Youth Voice" network - Observatory for the Rights of Children &Young People

Publisher: "Youth Voice" network - Observatory for the Rights of Children &Young People

Although youth in Albania is part of the government's program and policies and is stated as a priority group in specific documents designed for this purpose, the activation of young women and youth in practice and their involvement in co-governance requires attention, action and resources - especially financial - devoted to them by the central government in cooperation with local governments. The mission of the National Action Plan for Youth 2015-2020 clearly identifies the need to "improve the quality of life of young people and young people and strengthen their status through the development of more opportunities in education, employment, health, culture, as well as increasing their full participation in society and decision-making ".

But the fulfillment of this mission in practice is far from reality unless concrete steps are taken, especially by local government units, for which the obligation and responsibility for priority treatment of youth is clearly stated in Law 139/2015 "On Local Self-Government".

Shkodra Municipality, is one of the local government units that has not lost time to take concrete steps in this regard. Young people are a target group and priority for this municipality, reflected both in general and specific plans, as well as in concrete, budgeted and regularly spent figures in the last three years.